Love never lasts

May 12, 2011
By , Columbus, OH
You don't understand
I'm not happy
I love to see you smile
But it's not the same
You act like I'm a stranger
Well baby, you're not seeing me in a while.
Stop acting like you care,
I'm done with your games.
I feel like I've been played with
now throw me away.
It was pathetic of me to believe you
It was such a shame
You ripped my heart out
Who's to blame?
I feel like I'm not attracted to you anymore
I want to move on
No, it's not that I don't care for you,
you got it all wrong.
Ignoring me, not seeing me,
What can I do?
You know I can't do anything
Remember, my mom doesn't like you.
We have more of a friendship,
more than anything.
You and I,
we can't make it.
So this is the end.

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