April 25, 2011
I feel the tears slipping from my eyes.
I feel myself shaking.
My heart is gone.
It's been broken to many times.
I feel like I'm alone in this giant world.
Like no one cares.
No one wants me.
No one needs me.
No one loves me.
I see these words written on my bloody arm.
I got in the habit of cutting.
The cold razor makes the pain disappear.
It makes me feel whole.
I'm falling over the edge.
I grabbed the knife.
Wanting to end my life.
I feel the cool tip of the blade against my burning hot skin.
A drop of blood falls and mixes with my tears.
I throw the blade down.
I can't do it.
I can't end my life.
I'm dead inside.
I'm going to try to live again but I'll never be the same.

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