April 25, 2011
By Anonymous

You’re so close
So far away from
That one thing
That one tangible object you can’t get your eyes off of
You marvel in its wonder
So close
So dear to you
You wouldn’t dream of letting it slip from your grasp
You wouldn’t dare take your gaping gaze from it
So precious
You salivate
More than you know yourself
You’re so close
You can smell the meeting
Taste the accomplishment
You don’t touch it
You can’t get it
Then it happens
The usual routine that occurs so often not even the stars can fill the numerous times
You realize
Reality is unfair
Life is playing mom
The concerned mother that keeps it kids from spoiling their appetite by eating candy before dinner
You see
You’re disappointed
You say
Like you have a thousand times
Oh well, maybe next time


The author's comments:
We have dealt with reality so many times we've become use to letting things go.

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