Stop For Me

April 25, 2011
By IndoPandaBear SILVER, Cordova, Tennessee
IndoPandaBear SILVER, Cordova, Tennessee
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I have a cousin,
Who I love with all my heart.
He made a bad decision
By giving in to a plant.
A deadly plant
that has not been so kind to his heart.
Instead of looking for a solution,
He used cigarettes to erase his pain.
He finally gave in to the addiction
And didn't even try to fight it.
Now he has problem with his lung,
He would stop in the middle of the park,
Clutching his heart, as he winced in pain.
He took a pack of cigarette out,
And began to light one.
After hours, he finished a pack
He bought another one,
Then another and another.
He uses the cigarette to cover up his pain,
After a long time, he continues his habit.
His pains got worse.
Now his heart and his lung
Are in pain, every once in a while.
Now we're apart,
I missed seeing him,
I missed taking care of him,
I missed helping him trying to stop
I missed supporting him.
Now, he's still getting worse,
His heart won't stop breaking,
his lung wouldn't let him breath freely.
I ask of him every time
Please, stop for me.
Remember me, and stop for me.
Remember what I said, and stop,
Stop your habit,
Stop your pains.
Stop your addictions.
Fight your urges and stop for me,
Cause the next time I come home,
I want to see you standing there
Waiting for me,
With your smile, so beautiful.
Cause next time I come home,
I want to see you standing there,
Waiting for me,
Your strong arms ready to catch me.
Cause next time I come home,
I don't want it to be the last time
That I will see you.
Cause next time I come home,
You'll be there,
Telling me stories,
Singing to me,
Listening to me,
And that won't be the last.
Stop for me,
And we'll have stories to tell.
Stop for me,
And we'll have songs to sing.
Stop for me,
And we'll have more camping trips.
Stop for me,
And you'll be making histories.
Stop for me,
And I'll love you like never before.
Stop for me.
Just know that I love you.
Remember me by your side,
And stop for me.
Stop now.
And you can stop OUR pains.

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