The Courage To Say

April 25, 2011
By Anonymous

I’m not sure what to say
Or how exactly this message’ll relay
But I just want you to know
This wasn’t an easy way to flow

For a while we were close friends, then just friends.
Now I’m starting to feel like we’ve sorta reach the end
I thought we would be close always and forever
But think, when’s the last time we chilled together?

I mean yet alone spoken?
Somewhere out of workplace, with out any commotion
I understand you’ve been occupied
But I can’t remember the last time you phoned to say hi.

Is it that you don’t remember or you don’t believe me?
How I said you can ring my bell for any reason, any hour of the evening
Till this second I stick by that and everything I promised
With the exception of Hershey chocolate

You were like a brother in all honesty
You turned the impossibles to possibly
You took a crack at my shell labeled shy
Causing me to burst out, now aiming for the stars in the sky

So thank you is one thing I want to say
I miss you, as I said the other day.
Please don’t bother saying it back if you don’t feel that way too
If you don’t know the point of this, for me that’s also true.

I’ll probably regret sending this just a second after it’s gone into the internet
P.S. Happy almost Birthday, ~The one who never forgets

The author's comments:
I was holding my emotions and thoughts to myself before I finally worked up the courage to say this, and yes,it was sent, I never felt better & it resulted in the best.

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