April 15, 2011
By AmethystRose SILVER, Port Washington, Wisconsin
AmethystRose SILVER, Port Washington, Wisconsin
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5 - I need to walk quickly
4 - Everyone walks so slowly around me
3 - I don't want to push people out of my way
2 - I race up the stairs
1 - Ding, ding, ding
0 - Once again, I am late to class

The author's comments:
There are five buildings where I go to school and there is a five minute break between classes to get to your next class, get stuff from your locker, and what not. My second hour class is in third building and to get to my third hour class, I need to cross through buildings. It bothers me so much when people suddenly stop in the middle of the hallway to talk to their friends. I just want to push them out of the way and keep going. But I don't because I am not that kind of person. But anyways, I am almost always late for my third hour class because of that. I wish that there was more than five minutes for passing time.

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