my photoshop girl

April 15, 2011
i wish natural beauty was the only beauty but in not going to lie; i fall for the hours it took you to fix your photos, the layer after layer of make-up you coat over your face, and the fake personality you presented to me. by that tI'me I'm already considering you my girlfriend, just flattered by the infatuation. but in the end of the day you have to drop it sometI'me right? and if you get away with being fake, eventually you'll slip. then, ill realize that it was a distraction of infatuation of your fakeness.
and the house that was spent for you to fix-up your photos, that could of been the hours we spent with each other. the coat after coat of make-up, could of been my coat on your shoulder when you got cold, and your wasted tI'me passing off with your fake personality, well, that could of been the beginning of us, falling for each other of someone i thought WAS real.

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