Divine grace

April 15, 2011
By lou-lou BRONZE, Del Rio, Texas
lou-lou BRONZE, Del Rio, Texas
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Your only as strong as the weekest person is.

You’re the wind that softly tussles my hair,
The light than enlightens my life,
The breath that I take to survive,
The fire that warms my heart.

You’re the water that trickles down the waterfall,
The flower that blossoms in spring,
The grass that I lay in,
The rock that skips above the lake.

You’re the butterfly that flutters about,
The bird that flies in the sky freely,
The squirrel that scuttles along the tree,
The spiders’ silky web that traps me.

You’re the sun that I wake up to,
The moon that smiles down,
The star that I wish upon,
The sky that’s all around.

You’re the moment that I want to remember.
The first kiss that will last forever,
The arms that hold me tight,
The touch that keeps me satisfied.

You’re the melody that is in my head,
The love letter that I read,
The poem that I write,
The song that I sing.

You’re the keeper of my heart,
The key to my soul,
The only one for me.
You are my divine grace.

The author's comments:
Well, this was written for my boyfriend. Although I never let him read it. I was afraid he wouldn't like it or something.

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