April 15, 2011
By ChrisDDWalker GOLD, Chaleroi, Pennsylvania
ChrisDDWalker GOLD, Chaleroi, Pennsylvania
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Standing for your life,
Showing courage at death,
Pull out your blades,
Refuse to back down,
Never stop fighting until your heart stops completely,
This is your chance…never give up,

This war will continue until death calls for all,
Pull out whatever you have and protect those dear,
You might have lost this battle but still stay strong,
Don’t miss your chance,
Keep fighting strong,

The battle will soon end,
The war as well,
One side will rule,
One side will win,
The chance will come,
Show your courage and rise!

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I used to feel this way with everything I did, like it was a war. It is also a tribute to our troops in the USA, putting their lives on the line for freedom. You can't let people hate on you either!

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