April 15, 2011
By ChrisDDWalker GOLD, Chaleroi, Pennsylvania
ChrisDDWalker GOLD, Chaleroi, Pennsylvania
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Before I looked to you to back me up,
To be by my side,
Brothers forever no matter what happens,
Remember that?

Now when I look for you,
I find nothing,
Not a soul or a whisper…just plain air,
I wish it could all be the same as before,
Brothers forever with the truth known as well,

What happened to us bro?
Did you find someone new?
I missed you man…
I wished we could’ve been brothers again or maybe friends,
I was alone and hurt,
I needed my brother again,
Now I wonder…did you really care?
I’m starting to think it was all a lie.

The author's comments:
My older best friend, Brett...I miss him and he means a bunch to me still, if I could get ahold of him one more time...If your reading this Tenshi, comment!

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