The Things That I Am

April 29, 2011
By writer25 BRONZE, Talorsville, Kentucky
writer25 BRONZE, Talorsville, Kentucky
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I am silly and curious
I wonder about life
I hear the wind rustle the trees
I see the moon rise
I want to find love
I am silly and curious

I pretend that nothing gets to me
I feel the anger rise in me
I touch the books that fill me with joy
I worry about the end
I cry for the ones who leave me
I am silly and curious

I understand the stage and how it changes me
I Say that life is nothing without love
I dream of a better life
I try the best I can
I hope for love to find me
I am silly and curious

I can be unchanging
I fear that there will be no tomorrow
I take the future in my hands
I dance in the rain
I am silly and curious
I am who I want to be

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