The Bus

May 27, 2011
It's something you can't describe that wretched moment of the day
It sneaks up behind you from your sleep because your the perfect pray
so tired and lifeless your spirit so bleak
You grudgingly get dressed and eat breakfast while you weep

The clock strikes and it's time for you to go
Don't forget your lunch box you'll need it more than you know
You saunter down to the bus stop making a point to listen to the things around you
One grumble, one noise, that's all it takes and there's nothing you can do

The birds flock out of fright, you tremble in your shoes
You stand your ground knowing your going to lose
It inches towards you the bumblebeed beast
And your...going to be it's feast

It's teeth stay jagged in a perfect square
It has twelve scales on each time to let it's victims look through in despair
The beast lets out a huff of fire in pure displeasure
But remember you have your lunch box which can handle any weather

Use your lunch box to protect your face!
Although I can't say much for your pudding cup which is now a thick paste

The yellow monster stops, it's eyes wide with shock
It thrusts out it's sword wanting you to become like the others in it's grasp

You have to make a decision, to live or to go
Your wasting time!
And that's not something the monster will abide

Five steps and your inside the beast, even commander and chiefs looking at you in grief
It's no more use, just try to act cool
There's nothing more to do
Because your going to school

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