The Inside Me, the Outside Me.

April 15, 2011
the inside me
has it made
she wakes up happy
full of energy
dons an awesome outfit
bounds out the door
feeling great, looking great
and loving life.

The outside me
drags a reluctant self out the door
cant eat breakfast; gotta lose weight
wear what can fit
just to blend in with the scenery
no one notices me
and that's the way i want it

the inside me
exists in a flurry of friends
romance, excitement, good times
she flashes crystal-white smiles to all who wave
she surrounded by friends--or fans
she gets it right
and gets it all

the outside me
hides her face
is pushed aside by the 'better' girls
who are outwardly inside me's
she is laughed at,
my life, is nothing but wrongs

the inside me is fearless
poised and confident
each day of hers
is better than the last

the outside me
is doubt and despair
taking each step with dread
so ashamed of my clumsiness and slobiness
hating me

the difference is clear
i'm sure you can see
The inside me is made of dreams
the outside me--of reality

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SpringRayyn said...
Jun. 15, 2011 at 8:39 pm
I seriously find most teens find it the other way around....
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