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April 14, 2011
By X_xcupcakesx_X BRONZE, Hamilton, Montana
X_xcupcakesx_X BRONZE, Hamilton, Montana
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After the day was done,
I sank to my knees and I wept and I plead,
but nothing could help me,
not now,
not in my time of need.
And that's when I look up.
No one called out my name
or made an effort to grab my attention,
I only look up,
and see a small girl,
she reminds me of some one,
as well,
but who could it be?
She does not walk,
but stumbles along the sidewalk.
Soon the sky changes colors,
from a beautiful blue,
to a sinister midnight black.
The small girl shivers but does not cry out in pain as a rock comes flying from no where,
and thumps the child on her head.
People from behind mock her
and taunt her,
but she does not stop,
she just walks away,
just as if they were unwanted,
discarded memories she'd rather forget.
The quiet child presses on,
and I must get up and follow her.
Soon more people come,
and graze their fingers along her body,
But from where the fingers lightly touch,
she is burned and her skin is charred black.
She seems to be empty as she moves on.
She stumbles and falls as the last person sticks out his foot.
She merely whimpers as she bleeds.
The cement cut her knees and the palms of her hands,
and no longer can i bare the sight of the poor child.
So I run to her.
And hold her in my arms.
I glance into her eyes,
and notice she's about to die,
so I hug the child in her final moments,
she has no more will,
or power to survive.
When she dies,
She is gone.
I lay her down as silent tears fall from my eyes.
I rise from my knees.
The child passes on in a cloud of white light,
and I must shield my eyes.
I look to where she once was,
and from her spot lies a silvery white lace.
I pick up the lace,
and realize there are words on the strings,
it was a name, and some heartfelt words
and my heart shatters as I read them out loud.
"It was me, it's too late to see,
but my own self, Had no will to help."

The author's comments:
This one is really old, and describes a part of me long forgotten. Found this piece hiding in a small forgotten corner of my house. :P

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