May 2, 2011
Is there something wrong with me
am I not what you expect
are you ashamed now that you see
that I am full of pain and neglect

It has been brought to the surface
all the things that hurt inside
love, hate, hope, confusion and despair
they have found the warped door
of all that is within me

I may seem happy and outspoken
I may smile and always seem to try
but the truth is that I'm broken
everything else was a lie

I'm not as hopeful as before
a scoreless war wages within
a part of me dies every second
while only the outside is okay
I just wish someone would see
all that is within me

I know I'm still in need
I don't want to be alone
all I do is cry and plead
without it ever being known

I guess at some point
I will no longer be mine
torn from myself without an opinion
thrust to the side like a used game
being toyed with by everyone
crushed so hard I'm unable to make a sound
they want to hurt and hopefully kill
all that is within me

I don't expect to survive it long
I don't expect to live
everything they've put me through
somethings going to give

I wonder what I'll feel then
when I finally don't fight
will I finally be numb and unable to see
all that is within me

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