The Rebirth (Of Music)

May 2, 2011
They say music is dead
They say music is gone
They say music gets worse
With every new song
I can't say I agree
I can't say I disagree
And neither can you
Until you know what it really means
Music is a story
Music is a laugh
Music is a thing
That makes you think of the past
Music soothes the mind
Music calms the soul
Music makes you dance
All out of control
Music is a drug
And we're all addicted
So it doesn't make sense
When we try to convict it
Of being unoriginal
Of being "not good"
When we'd all try to listen
Every chance that we could
And when I talked to different folks
They all said the same
"Without music in my life,
I would go insane."
But if this is true
And music is dead
Doesn't that mean they're all
Screwed up in the head?
No, music can't be through
Cuz I know they're still sane
But one thing's for sure
It's been drastically changed
From beautiful voices
And sounds so gentle
To a new age of auto-tune
And less instrumentals
From songs about life,
Good times, and love
To more songs about violence,
Smoking, and thugs
I remember listening to fellas
Honor the ladies
Talking about their smiles
And wanting them to be their baby
But now almost everything
I hear is degrading
I really do miss
Being considered a lady
But these changes do not mean
That it's over for music
It's just a new kind
And we're not used to it
You can look at it one way
And say music has died
Or you could accept the rebirth
And listen with pride
Because music today
Still makes us laugh
It still tells a story
And it still makes us dance

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