Anger changes

May 2, 2011
By B.thompson BRONZE, Summerville, South Carolina
B.thompson BRONZE, Summerville, South Carolina
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i dont need your approval to be me.

Pompous is what I think of when I see you
Goes your ego slamming into you Like a tide
When you find out you have no characteristics that would stimulate your self esteem enough to have an ego the size of an unimaginable creature of ultimate proportions
Goes your life into a wall
here it crashes to pieces
Like a cheap vase
When you wake up from your slumber
Called disillusionment
And realized that all your conniving acts
Came right on back
In the circle that seems to be life
And one day hopefully one sound will be made in your life that changes you
Blows the wind
And with it
Goes all your negative thoughts, angers, and attitudes on life
And you realize
The truth of you.

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