Apocalyptic Nightmare

May 2, 2011
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Stars like lanterns,
Hanging in the sky,
Lighting up the Earth,
In a new sun rise.
We watch as they glitter,
Glow and burn,
Beauty captured for a moment,
Until darkness turns.

People running, crying out in fear,
Nobody able, or capable to hear,
Until the crash of lanterns burning,
Is the tell tale sign the end is near.

Newfound fire taking all we had worth,
Morals burning in a hell bound hearth,
Until humanity takes the time to search,
Everyone suddenly turning to the Church,
Thinking of promises they'll never keep,
As they drift into a twilights sleep.

Paying the price of the insane,
To never find the actions done in vain,
Now constrained to which we begun,
Out goes the sun

But in the darkness,
Beams a small light,
Though suffocated by the black,
Trying so hard to become bright,
The height of disaster,
Leaning down from its climax,
The lanterns slowly come back,
Like they always would,
To light the Earth,
In a brand new sun rise,
Beauty captured for a moment,
Until again, darkness turns

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