Veterans Sweetheart

May 2, 2011
By Anonymous

Send me your love through the mailbox
I'll wait for days
Awaiting its arrival
Panic filled afternoons
While the mailman skips by again
I'm overturning letter boxes
Aching to feel the corners of the envelope
Trusting the world and fate
That you'll come home safe
I've made the bed that you'll lie on
Pull the covers over our heads
And pretend that we're all alone
Just us
Just love
Just perfection
But it's been weeks
And no letter has come
A man walks the path to the door
His uniform starched and arm outstretched
This wasn't the letter I was hoping for
Falling to my knees and feeling the concrete porch
Tears well up and break through
I'll sleep in the bed that I made
Pull the covers over my head
And pretend that I'm not alone

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