May 11, 2011
By Anonymous

September first, fifteen years old.
A beautiful smile painted across her face,
Tears gradually welled up behind her eyes.
Streaming down her face, washing away the smile.

This illness began consuming her,
Like the chemo that was radiating throughout her body.
Afflicted with pain.

Grasping onto false hope,
Praying you can cope.
Wishing for a cure,
Some sort of miracle.
Something to put an end to this nightmare.

I thought we could grow old together,
I thought you could get better,
I thought it would all be over soon.
I thought we could stop crying
And maybe start smiling again.

I didn’t realize that this monster,
This beast, this demon, this disease,
Would be taking you from me so soon.

It killed me inside to see you in pain,
To see you hurt and broken, but
Still holding on and staying strong

You never said it, but I knew
Each breath was silently screaming,
"I’m too young to die.
I simply cannot go yet.
I have so much life left to live."

You didn't have to say it.
I knew it, we all did.
I just couldn’t seem to process it.

Why did this nightmare have to become your reality?
You did not ask for this.

You fought with all of your strength
You fought the battle all the doctors claimed you just couldn't win.

All the things I should have said,
All the things we should have done but we never did,
All the things I should have given but I didn't.

Cancer slowly shattering your strength.
November third, sixteen years old.
Your pain was gone, and you were gone.
A lump in my throat, a knot in my stomach.

As the tears welled up behind my eyes.
Then went streaming down my face, washing away my smile.
Just needing you to come back and stay a while.

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