Sarcastic Suffering

May 11, 2011
By IrieAphrodite BRONZE, Ruston, Louisiana
IrieAphrodite BRONZE, Ruston, Louisiana
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"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page." -St. Augustine

I spend every ounce of my energy
On days that always get the best of me
Push and shove and letting go
Stress heaves my head against a wall
I drift and turn in circles of work
Overwhelmed with life and the shallowness of hurt

I spend every dream of my sleeping state
On goals that they tell me I’ll never reach
And I long and hope
And plan some more
While they lead me down more “reachable” doors
And I let it get the best of me
I harbor the remorse for them to see

I spend every tear that falls without effort
On things I can’t -and shouldn’t- control
They slip and slide and my head wonders why
I can bear to let them go
With all I have on hold
Yet I still sit there and watch them flow
I admit it’s getting old

I spend every frown on the utter and useless
(It takes effort to smile anyway)
Telling myself: that’s how we are born!
human and afraid!
Dying in brought-on suffering
Suffocating in our own pain
Soon tears and laughs seem meaningless
In times that push and pull
Emotions are petty and a state of mind
But still we watch them go
And we let them roll without control

Wearing us down
And tearing us around
We let those days get the best of us
Marveling at the mess of it
Crying since we can
Dying since its part of the plan
And living on the outskirts of a life
We deem as real
Binging on all the man-made stress
until it’s our only meal

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