The End...

May 11, 2011
By mysocer21 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
mysocer21 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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To think this day would actually come
You always seemed like a stretch of my imagination
Something unreal, something that would never come

The song Graduation by Vitamin C is playing in my head
As we go on we remember all the times we’ve spent together
And as our lives change from whatever we will still be friends forever
As a kid when I heard that song I always just liked the catchy lyics
But now it’s here and this is how it feels

No more walks to the parking lot
No more themed basketball games
No more everywhere we go chants

No more lunch gossip from our window table
No more lanyards or jugs
No more polos or dances

Now we embark on our own individual journeys
You can says it’s the end of the beginning
Or the beginning of the end
I never quite understood this
Is it the end or is it the beginning?

Last weekend of being a high schooler
Where to go, what to do
I am done with whole scene
High school is just a blur in my rearview mirror

It’s time for a change
Out with the old and in with the new
The end of the innocence
Time for the real world

Flash forward three months
when the six of us best friends
Sit at dinner for the last time before we all leave
The laughing will come to a halt

Overshadowed by the feeling of sadness
The goodbyes we have been avoiding all night
But the time has come to acknowledge them
because this is the end

No more mass texts
No more pictures or pecs as we like to call them
No more seven chants even though there’s only six of us

No more shared chocolate peanut butter ice cream
No more King Jawn stories
No more ice clique as Cashman likes to call us

Illinois, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Florida
This is when we go our separate way
Creating new lives for ourselves
Making new friends to fill the void left by each other

Christmas time will come
Where we can reunite and catch up on our first semesters
But it will not be the same
There will be silences not knowing what to say

Because we are no longer our high school selves
We won’t be able to catch on to the meaning
behind the glances sent across the table
It will still be fun
But slowly we will continue to drift away from each other

As we walk off the field and cool down for the last time
I guarantee that tears will be streaming down our faces
It’s more than just the end of our time as a team
It’s the end of a family; the end of eclipse

The eighteen girls on my team have been my backbone for the past four years
My support system who I could go to no matter what
We’ve been through our lowest points together
and together we helped each other get back up

No more weekend tournaments
No more running six flags and five in eights
No more we don’t mess around chants
No more hearing the younger teams cheering for us from across the complex

No more all black uniforms
No more being sworn at by our coach Rory and then getting made fun of
No more being the rejects of the club
No more ice baths and chocolate milk after games

As we go onto to play at our different colleges across the country
We know that nothing will compare to the bond we shared
and the magic that we created on the field

So as we put our jerseys on for one last time
And huddle together to cheer before our game,
arms around each other placing our right foot in the middle
We know that we are playing for each other, one last time
This may be the end
but it is only the beginning of a legacy.

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