To Fix

May 11, 2011
By Anonymous

Milo Minderbinder, Milo Minder Bender, Milo Bend the Mind,
Like my anger does choke,
The air and blood cut off. My thoughts don’t rhyme.

My Weebil Wobble brain, it leans and falls
Spiraling, pulsating ants climb in.
Toilet flush, anger-fill.

Apologize, apostrophize, annihilate.
Can’t eat my cake.

Phone lines struck, stuck
In Roger this, not that. Red light traffic. BEEP.

You lean, I lean, weebils wobble with a wider base.
Overlapping orbits. Now I taste the sweet,
Unflare your nostrils, I swear
My familiarity will permeate.

Camel falls, braid unravels.
Cusp. Crepe? Compromise.

The author's comments:
To me, this is about illogical angry thoughts fading to making up with who made me angry.

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