Deja Vu

May 11, 2011
When I am with you in my dreams,
Our love is like a raging fire,
It can never end it seems,
And it can never ever tire…

I see you every day,
But yet we never speak,
It kills me inside that I can never say,
That it’s your love and yours only that I tirelessly seek…

I have to let you know,
Just exactly how I feel,
I want to explain and want to show,
Just how much my love for you is real...

Now is the time,
To tell you my intentions,
Love is the only intention of mine,
And I just want to bring this to your attention…

Now it seems like there is something on your mind,
Since you know that I love you death,
I get worried and ask what’s wrong darling of mine,
You tell me you love me too until your last breath…

You say it’s just like Deja Vu,
You said that you loved me at the moment you saw me,
But you didn’t think I loved you too.

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wandering_angel said...
Apr. 23, 2014 at 12:15 pm
keep up the good work !!!! 
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