Another Story for Another Time

May 11, 2011
A girl,
only eighteen years old,
sits alone on her porch,
watching the sky drench the green grass below,
stars start to sprinkle the sky with dust,
the days almost over,
and she’s scared to let go.

Her sparkling blue eyes close on tears that have stained her face for to long,
she takes in the smell of his cologne that first night at homecoming,
she looks up and sees his perfect smile as he looks into her eyes,
her heart starts beating faster and her mind goes blank,
she wraps her arms around him and sways to the music.

A icy tear drops to her cheek,
and she looks down at her hand as his fingers lace through hers,
her head jerks up and the hallways are busy with students,
her eyes dart to his and her heart melts,
she peers back down at her hand and his vanishes,
the spaces between her fingers are empty,
they’re right where his fit perfectly.

The wind shifts and a song is caught in the breeze,
they step closer and sway to the music,
she smiles against his shoulder and her heart is flying,
he leans closer and she breathes in,
his breathe against her ear as he sings her ‘Amazed.’

A single tear rolls from the corner of her eye.
She closes them and breathes,
rose petals fill her senses,
chocolates wash over her taste buds,
and a teddy bear keeps her company,
her face turns hot as these are delivered to her in class,
feeling like the most special girl in the world,
she smiles and screams inside.

She clenches her fist as another tear washes over her lips,
She turns to the darkened front porch looming next to her,
she closes her eyes and sees as he walks her to the door,
standing in the cold as the wind blows at her dress,
his tux coat wrapped around her,
she shivers and he holds her,
their eyes meet and one sweet first kiss warms her soul.

Despite her aching heart,
she smiles through her tears.
She stares at the white picket fence framing her yard,
remembering the day when he once needed her.
The crackling of gravel fills her ears and she looks up to see a car parking in her driveway,
he slowly gets out of his car and she runs to hug him,
he holds on tight and let’s her completely in.
The story comes flooding back to her,
the tears,
the sadness in his face,
the love that she felt for him at that moment.

Tears drench her face as she slowly lifts from the porch chair,
laying on her bed she’s brought back to those many nights,
she sits on the bed in the room he now calls his,
laying in his embrace and slowly falling asleep as the tv flickers blue,
the clock strikes midnight and she slowly gets up to go to bed,
careful not to wake him,
he grabs her and begs her to stay with him,
to not leave him,
she leans down and whispers in his ear “I’ll never leave you.”

The words ring in her ears as she lays on her back,
staring up at her ceiling,
she breaths in and paint fumes fill her senses,
she opens her eyes and a wet paintbrush wipes on the tip of her nose,
green paint.
She looks up and sees his smile of accomplishment,
grabbing her paintbrush she swipes it once across his cheek,
laughter fills her ears as he grabs her and swings her around the half painted room.

Her body jolts as the memory throws her on her bed,
she smiles through her tears.
Her body tenses as she jumps into his arms,
spinning her round and round,
never letting her go,
“I’ll love you always and forever Charity Lee.”
She smiles and kisses him,
hugging him tight.

She lays on her back remembering,
a life she wants desperately back,
a boy she once took for granted,
a lost love,
and a future she cannot predict.

Closing her eyes,
she holds her teddy bear tight,
and turns out the light.

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CharityLee2011 said...
Jun. 28, 2011 at 1:30 am
Thanks guys =)
kaykaybeck said...
Jun. 13, 2011 at 12:28 pm
I love it its very good (: Check out some of my stuff?
YetToBeIdentified said...
Jun. 9, 2011 at 9:06 pm
This really is gorgeous
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