Friends 'til the End

May 8, 2011
By Sherlock_44 BRONZE, Norwalk, Iowa
Sherlock_44 BRONZE, Norwalk, Iowa
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It started as "Friends 'til the End."
There wasn't a problem that we couldn't mend.
Over the years that bond has grown stronger,
But we never knew how much longer.

Suddenly new friends and new boys join the crowd,
And some stuff is definitely not said aloud.
Our friendship seems like a dread,
A burden hanging over your head.

I can't deal with the pressure.
I'm not Danny Messer.
So now I am going to take a stand.
Like cards, it is time to drop this hand.

This friendship will never be lost.
In my eyes, that's too much of a cost.
Though it's time to move on with new friends,
We will always be "Friends 'til the End."

The author's comments:
I have been having problems with my best friend. She is always giving me excuses to hang out with other people instead of me. By writing this poem I was able to show her my true feelings about the situation without breaking down into tears. This poem has actually helped both of us realize how much we have changed over the years.

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