I miss you

May 8, 2011
I miss feeling beautiful, like I was worth something. That’s how I felt when I was with you. You made me believe I could be more then this illness
I miss your voice, I can still hear it ringing in my ears. It was the voice that could make my world perfect . And every time I heard it I knew I’d never be alone.
I miss your strength, the way you had lived through so much pain, and yet you still found room in your heart to love me
I miss the way we would shake, every time we saw each other our hands would tremble, it was something beyond our control , it was how much we loved each other, it was how the passion showed
I miss your lies, you lied to me about your past, made up stories to make me feel bad, to make me worry about you, and I did, every day, all the time , thank you for giving me something to care about, to protect
I miss being your beautiful angel , that’s what you would call me, I wish you were still here to call me that
I miss you , but I can never have you in my life again, so I’ll keep your memories locked up in a tragic part of my heart where they can’t shatter my world any more

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