The Poem

May 8, 2011
By Killswitch SILVER, Hooversville, Pennsylvania
Killswitch SILVER, Hooversville, Pennsylvania
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As this pencil meets paper,
my eyes are in complete wonder of what beholds,
word after word is like the precious seconds I hold dear,
mutating and conforming to memories of another time.

Imagination and feelings flood from the point,
spewing and inspiring,
like the enchanting tail of a shooting star,
filling the empty canyon that this page presents.

Only one thing runs through my elapsing mind,
Where could this path lead?
But the answer is as complex as could be,
constantly twisting and contorting,
alongside the sincerity of these lines.

Completion seems to draw near
yet out of my reaching grasp,
as each stanza I complete is another thread,
linking the past to reality within my racing heart.

Slowly flow comes to an end
and satisfaction begins to break dawn,
as realization reflects to a hazed sunrise,
like the taming of a poem to an ever-changing life.

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