May 7, 2011
They would see how much I love them.
They would see how much I actually care.
Because being alone,
isn't all that much fun.
I say I love the dark,
so I can hide my tears.
If I didn't wait til night...
They would see how much
I'm broken.
They would see that,
I'm not a strong as I appear to be.
Cracks run through my heart
I act like such an unfeeling person,
nothing can hurt me.
But those feeling gather in me and I can't take it anymore.
They would see how much they've hurt me.
I wouldn't be so broken.
If he was still here,
I wouldn't be this hurt,
My feelings more free,
because now there's no one to tell them to.
I keep everything bottled up inside,
until finally I explode violently.
I don't like to show my vulnerability.
But maybe...
If I did,
I could be better than the messed up person I am now.

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