Bound by blood

May 7, 2011
By Anonymous

When mother's eyes dance across my face
I have but one remaining thought
I am a stranger bound by blood
Chains of my sorrow tattooed forever into my eyes
Eyes unwanting to meet that of others knowing that
They belong to a stranger bound by blood

When her angry words pierce my ear
I must hold back tears
I must bite my tongue
Until blood fills my mouth
Like the water of an angry sea
Filling my burning lungs
As I gasp for breath
I am tempting, tempting my fire
To challenge her angered sea
But all the while knowing I will not win
Because I am a stranger bound by blood

When she speaks to me
I am no one to her
I know that my name plays
An unfamiliar beat across her serpent tongue
Leaving a tart taste upon her lips
Because I am a stranger bound by blood

When father's drunken eyes lay upon me
Filling with disgust and anger
I know I have no place at home
Because I am a stranger bound by blood

When his stale breath whispers
The pattern laced of lies and contempt
I want myself to believe
My throat begins to close
Because I know words spoken
Are NEVER meant as truth
When directed toward
A stranger bound by blood

I know that I am trapped behind a wall
A wall I build alone
Created to protect myself from outside dangers
But in return letting the monsters of my own self
Become my only familiars
And resulting in self rejection, hatred, and harm
Because when a stranger is bound by blood
Blood becomes bound to the stranger
Leaving her seemingly cold of heart
And wishing for apathy, and hoping
Beyond all reasonable sanity
For an escape that will never come

The author's comments:
I have a lot of family problems.

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