the inside..

May 7, 2011
it cries



for someone to find it
it forever hurts

is in pain


gripping on to that ounce of life that is left inside us
only wanting someone

to stumble upon it

find the hidden secret

remember that it is still there

to save it

from others

but most of all

it can only scream



for so long

until all it gives

is the deathly silence

becoming the walking dead

hurt one to many times

wanting to give up

but secretly hoping for life

to be breathed back into it

reminded that it is still there

being shown the love someone has for you when no one else could
it can be saved




(many times)

until one day

it just breaks

from only being half saved

being turned down

the pain of all abuse

the un-knowing if it will be ok

the strive of being here

destroys it
for most

they half break

and are fixed by many
for the rest

they break

and break

then crumble

hoping for someone to see

to care

to love them without fail

to save them from their worst enemy

we need to be loved

cared for

seen completely

be ourselves
but some of us can't

we have been told

you are fat


a b****

a waste of air


tearing every fiber of our being

into shreds
..its why we can't believe

it'll get better

i'll be ok

because it happens all the time

haunting us now

destroying our past

shaping our future


sees us for us

breaking the walls

taking of the mask

walking into our soul

reminding us

we are loved

we do matter

its not a day without you

we are beautiful

we are needed

we aren't alone
its not until someone sees

and believes

that our insides will



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