To Brave Familiar Waters

May 7, 2011
I need to know how I feel
How he feels
Do I love him?
How do I love him?
Am I glad that I am gone?
Can I somehow survive without him?
Do I even want to know
who I am?
Should I hide behind the bubbly actress
The one pretending to be me?
Will I fall as I walk this line
Between what I show and what is the truth?
Maybe I should face the darkness?
Brave the deeps of my soul
But who knows?
What of I'm just a shallow pool
And when I dive in
My head and heart will break?
What if I need a hand to hold?
What if I push it away?
Will I drown without my lifesavers?
Will I sink when my bouygues are taken away?
But maybe the water will be warm
I won't even see the bottom coming
I'll have a nice swim down
Down deeper than my soul can go.

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