It Was You

May 7, 2011
Why is it that everybody around me seems to think that they are better than me?
Am I not worthy of love?
No, I am not what you think I am
I am normal
I have a heart
I try to treat everybody with respect
But what do I get back?
Nothing I do seems to please you
All I have left is to be me
Maybe you should look into the faces of the people you’ve hurt
Yeah, I’m talking to you
You were the one to outcast me
You were the one who made fun of me in front of my face
You ridiculed
You hurt
I had to suffer from your constant remarks on how I should be
Why can’t I just be me?
Just leave me alone
Do you want me to rot away and never come back?
Oh because I can
I want to live my life
Forget about all of you
I love me

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