I miss you.

May 2, 2011
By tori coon BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
tori coon BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
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Can you remember the time we thought
that it would be a good idea to
make a jump, when we went
sledding? Even after someone got hurt,
we still refused to think that it was dangerous.
That’s a day that makes me not want to remember.

Remember the times when we dreamed that we could go to college together?
We would play basketball together,
swim, bike, sled together. Back when we were

Now, you’ve become a new person.
No, actually,
you’ve become a Barbie.
Just a bad plastic replica of what you wish you could be.

All the people you have left standing
in the deep black shadow of your aftermath,
have come together for a better cause.
Getting to you.

There’s dozens of us;
banning together to see your demise.
But dear, you are only seventeen.
You should have your whole life ahead of you.
But, if you carry on with the destructive path your on now,
you’ll be lucky to have until twenty.

Your liver must be killing you,
every weekend drowning in Smirnoff, Capitan Morgan, and Budweiser.
Your lungs will be killing you
within a year. The day to day smoking
filling your chest. Every breath you take
you find it harder and harder to do.

We’ve tried it all.
What will it take?

Please, I’m begging you.
I just want my old Chelsea back,
before every last bit of you slips away.

I’m aware you’ll probably never read this,
but maybe if you would
you’d understand.
You would understand the people
you’ve hurt,
the thing’s you’ve done.

Maybe, this could be a wake up call.
The girl I know wouldn’t be proud the new you,
she’d be disgusted,
in shock,
horrified that you would consider letting yourself become this way.
If by small chance you do see this,
I just want you to know;

You’re a timer, every second wasted is a part of you vanished forever.
I just want you back.,

I miss you.
I miss the old you.

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