May 2, 2011
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I don't know what life means,

wrapped all up in cellophane.

It might seem clear but

my life,

is full of pain.

And when the winter winds cease,

I'll turn my head, and fall asleep,

my dreams are not what you'd


they're pleasant, peaceful with a twist,

like lemon meringue with dark chocolate.

And I really don't know

what to do,

'cause these dreams are scary, crazy,

mostly of you.

Just want to sleep once more,

to see you smiling, standing

at my door.

Don't wanna let this moment pass,

come on, let's make it last.

And I know that tomorrow

could either be Heaven or Hell,

but baby just please make sure that

you think of me as well.

Either way you know that I'll be


but you probably won't weep 'bout it and

that's ok but instead

just know that when the years pass by,

and the days grow long,

I'm still standing here,

waiting strong.

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