Better Left Unsaid

May 2, 2011
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What’s wrong?
What’s wrong?!
You’re asking me what’s wrong?!
How dare you ask me what’s wrong!
What’s wrong…
I’ll tell you what’s wrong!
I’ll tell you what the problem is!
You’re the problem!
You have destroyed me.
You knock me down to subatomic levels.
Sharing oxygen with you makes me physically ill
You’ve mutilated every ounce of optimistic mentality
That I could possibly have.
When you speak, my ears start bleeding.
You’re confusing and illogical.
When words come out of your mouth,
They are so senseless, it makes me vomit,
And I feel like I have lost brain cells.
You are awful and insignificant.
And I hope you rot in a hole in the ground
That is how angry you make me…
But what’s wrong?
What’s wrong…?
I’m fine.

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