The adoption, From the birth mothers eyes

May 2, 2011

From these eyes i saw my belly grow.
I knew you you were alive i felt you move but i didnt know.
I didn't know i would love you more than my own beeing
I knew i was to young to be the best parent for you.
I didnt know that when i looked in your eyes i'd fall in love with just seeing.
Seeing how you look like me.
Seeing how i felt complete.
Loving you is all am still today, too see...
To see you would be a dream to say i love you in every way.
This adoption was for your life to be the best.
I'll live every day to see you.
When that day comes i wouldnt be able to rest.
Because i love you, this baby your new to me. new.
Just forgive me sweetheart. i did this for you to have the best.

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