Spring Fever

May 2, 2011
By Andrea Scibetta SILVER, North Tonawanda, New York
Andrea Scibetta SILVER, North Tonawanda, New York
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I walk across the grass covered in leaves,
I hear the crisp sound of them breaking beneath my feet,
Deteriorating and mixing with the soil of the ground,
The grass loses its color and turns that awful brown,
The trees shake violently shivering in the wind that's turned cold,
I retire to my home, shut the windows, close the doors,
I sleep with blankets pulled around me tight,
Through the window I have no choice but to welcome the darkness.

Seven hours and six inches deep,
The ground has been covered with a white blanket,
The sun hides behind an overcast sky,
Afraid to show his face to me in fear of giving me hope,
I become aware of the tick of the clock,
Reminding me of each second of suffering,
I lost the roses, perennials, lilacs,
I lost the daisies, geraniums, marigolds,
I lost the peonies, their aroma replaced with a cold chill,
Filling my nostrils and freezing my lungs,
The night is silent and even the trees are still.

And then one morning I awaken,
And a bird sings outside my window,
I close my eyes and thank the Lord for this day,
For my soul has been freed from the darkness,
The sunlight shines through the crystal fixture on my window,
As rainbows caress the walls and let me remember the colors,
I walk outside where a warm breeze welcomes me to this new season,
Where even the shadows show life,
I'd watched a hundred sunsets but today I'll watch the sunrise.

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