A Glimpse of the Unknown

May 2, 2011
These two tiny magnificent entities hold the truths behind every closed door
the magical tales ready to be told,
and the secrets that were meant to be buried forever.
One gaze,
and everything suddenly makes sense.
An atlas with every secret, story and journey
our world has ever known.
We’ve seen the love stories and romantic endings,
the moments that fill us with happiness and joy,
and we’ve set our sights on the most beautiful things.

The most horrific events have unfolded before us,
A crash that stole someone we love like a thief in the dead of night,
pure undescribable violence. Wars and hatred.
A picture frozen in our mind for eternity.
So many mysteries linger behind every wall,
down in the lowest depths, the longest tunnels, and the shallowest seas
The answers to every unknown question are hiding somewhere.
We must keep our eyes wide open,
because with one blink
the most magnificent and frightening things,
the perfect imperfections
can vanish forever.

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