May 2, 2011
By Darcy morris BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Darcy morris BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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Hidden with childhood secrets
Precious little memories
Touching stories.

A room full of Dresses and skirts,
Barbie’s and Bratz dolls,
A nightlight to keep you feeling safe,
When it’s dark and nobody else
Is there to hold you.

It doesn’t seem scary right?

A child 5 years old,
Afraid of the dark.
Monsters are coming to attack
Scary dreams flash through her mind.
Blood murdering screams,
Race though the whole house

A monster,
Big teeth, hairy, tall, long finger nails.
Oh no
It’s under the bed.
Wait no, this is just a dream
What should she do next?

Streams of tears run down her face
Loud pants escape from her mouth
Along with sighs and mini weeps.
Panicked, not knowing what do to

She can’t hear me.
My voice is too soft
To quiet.
She’s knocked out.
Sound asleep
She will never hear me.
“Here goes nothing I guess”
Jumping to her feet, running down the hall
It is like she’s running over hot coals

A loud screech ripples out of her mouth
She wakes up from a deep sleep,
In shock

Her arms slowly grip me.
The young girl gets the feeling she’s okay.
The comfort, relives her from the fear.
The fear of the monster
The fear of her dreams

Arms Grip her tight,
Her mothers soothing whispers,
Her gentle touch
Fingers run lightly though her hair

She knows she’s safe
She is comfortable
A queen sized bed

A place that not only protects her from the monster
Or the fear of her own dreams
From the fears and danger
Out in the real world

The author's comments:
This is real life story about what happend to me when i was a child

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