World of Fate

April 25, 2011
By EreubusWildfire BRONZE, Sandston, Virginia
EreubusWildfire BRONZE, Sandston, Virginia
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The entire world is a stage and its inhabitants are merely just the players. The atmosphere gives way to the sky. The sky sheds wonders onto the world. The clouds are representation for imagination that emulates thoughts and perspectives. The power of humanity is indescribable leaving only contemplations of how far we are alacritous to go. The progenies of nature in its most intellectual state. The ongoing nomads of destruction, power crazed and yet unyielding. Creatures that only seek benefits through gain. The power of a gun can kill; just as power to anything else has its undertakings. The great karma of power struggle is an ongoing dissensions and ascensions upon a kaste system of innocent victims. The blood of purity is spilled countlessly over and over again. In every beginning there is an end. When the ashes fall and accumulate and the last ember flourishes. The phoenix will rise and make way to lifestyle of Eden.

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