The Walls

May 10, 2011
White room, filled with silence
Anticipation, waiting to see
what is this room of white
that I'm found to be alone in

I would run from this place
but I have fear of what lies, besides
there is something
about this place
that makes me understand
I am not in my comfort
but in the presence of something

I look around and all I see
are file cabnets
filled with information
about me
I come closer and find
that the labels are the things
that have confined me

I open a drawer and discover
thoughts and feelings, and
my high school dreams
I open another drawer and another
finding lies I told, gossip I
had spread, friends I had hurt

I found times that I had cried
and the times I had been hurt
I read about the bad movies I watched
the books that shouldn't have
been opened
I found all the songs I new and
the ones that should have never
reached my ears

How could this be?
Who kept this record of my secrets?
I came to one of the last
file cabnets in reach
I opened it and found something
that was painful to my sight

The drawer, not even half full
described the people I had
told about the most important,
intiment thing in my life

It was my Salvation drawer

I could feel my breathing
growing weary
I felt the panic running through
my body
I wanted to run and hide
But, suddenly someone or something
grabbed my shoulder

I turned around just then
and found the most
majestic man
He glowed with this beauty
a beauty I could not look upon
I fell to my face
and started to cry rivers of sorrow
knowing I was infront of Jesus
and he knew all my failures

The man I was to glorify
I knew I had disappointed
Because the life I was
blessed with
brought tears to my Savior's face
the files around me
told of negative instead
of the Christ like life
I was to live

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