Un-Winged Butterfly

May 10, 2011
By ArmyGirl1093 BRONZE, Lawrence, Kansas
ArmyGirl1093 BRONZE, Lawrence, Kansas
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Un-winged butterfly.
It sits and it lies,
Deep within my insides.

First it arrives,

Fluttering around like

My emotions and body are its playground.

Trying to escape

To the outside maybe,

To the person that put it there.

But things always change...
That person leaves them all alone,

Stuck inside me, still fluttering...
Not fluttering.
The more damage,

The more panic.

The more panic,

More I can’t take.
Finally, it gives up,

Leaving me in pain and tears.
Now it has been beaten down-

My butterfly.
The last of my self-esteem

Has now torn its strongest wing.

It’s like a thin piece of newspaper

Rubbed against a thorny tree.
Shredded to pieces.

Tired out, ready to give in,
But she is strong

And she is willing to try again.

The author's comments:
It was just inspiraional to make my emotion into another living thing.

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