When Will This Nightmare End?

May 10, 2011
Life's falling apart all around me
One thing goes wrong
Then the next thing

I try to hold on
I try to make things right
But everything is tearing at the seams

I can't figure it out
I can't save myself

One wrong turn
Then another

When's it gonna end
When can I pull myself out
From this quicksand

I'm tired of the tears
I'm tired of the time I spend
Tryin to make things right

Life Life Life
Just a slap in the face

Dreams starting to disappear
Hope has given up on me

Everything was so perfect
Then life flew into fast motion
And my life fell apart

Torn in half
Now completely ripped
At the seams

When will this nightmare end
When will the light shine again

Driving in fast motion
Marking my trail of tears

When will this nightmare ever end?

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