Good Enough

May 10, 2011
By Anonymous

Insecure. Unsure.

Weakling. Can’t speak.

Back hunched. Bones crunched.

No clue. Compared to you,

I’m useless innocence.

Naive hypocrisy.

Forced smile. Fake child.

Can’t think. Must stink.

No way to keep this day.

Flawed face. No grace.

Clumsy-limbs. Crooked grin.

Small eyes. No guys

are attracted. I attacked it.

No more future. No more fate.

Gotta be myself today.

But myself just messes things up.

Cannot live without make-up.

Can’t choose which shoes.

Hate my legs. Dont make my bed.

Just the way I am today,

leaves me wanting important somethings

that I fear I’ll never get.

Because myself isnt good enough yet.

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