May 9, 2011
By DeniseRobot BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
DeniseRobot BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Its raing now, But it can't rain forever"<3

Society kills me inside
Leave me alone
I know I'm not pretty
But I'm friendly to the bone
Yea my rhymes are stupid
But I'd perfer you call dem dupid
Just kidding I ain't that dumb
I know what I've done
I know I've done mistakes
And don't feel like earasing them
Because with out them
I wouldnt be the girl that you see today
Sure I'm short
Sure I'm stupid
But I will never be someone I'm not
I wont let society run me over
I wont let beauty take over mynlife
I have to much to handle
Just put regular pictures of people on magazines
Just like crystal said
Seeing pretty girls in magazines and seeing my dirty hands flipping the pages
Why am using my notes you may say
But it's ohkay
It my notes on life
Of where iam
And where I've been
How I have changed
And how have I differed
I know you Wont Read This
You never have time to
This a waste of time stop now

Wow you keep reading ithought you'd be done by now
I'm not a person to be wasting time on
To be wasted tears on
Or be wasted attention
Even when that day comes just know idied with freedom and ididnt take your laughter with me trust me you'll smile again
This is not a will
It's more of just what to do
No more drama
Even people who don't know and hate
Must be pretty cool
Bcuhh I'm not a cool person
Just a normal dumb one
I may not blend in but that's because we are not in a blender
You can't change me
Just let me be
I dont see anyone trying to change youu
Leave me alone..
Just let me cry on my own
Let be myself

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