Here I am Free

May 9, 2011
By Xanadeath SILVER, Riverbank, California
Xanadeath SILVER, Riverbank, California
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Here, I can be free.
To be whatever I want to be,
To do anything I want to do,
And even to be with you.

Here is solace from the world.
A place filled with fools
With ignorance creeping out the seams,
Where rarely a true smile gleams.

Here, I can fly
And can never die.
Everything is always fine,
And everyone is always kind.

And there you are, not here.
How I wish here was real.
But none if it really matters
When it’s you I want to feel.

The author's comments:
This is about being free inside your mind, but not being able to be with the person you want in reality. I was inspired to write this because of someone I can't be with, and I wrote this while I was thinking about it during class.

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