May 15, 2011
By aaabb BRONZE, Franklin, Tennessee
aaabb BRONZE, Franklin, Tennessee
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Everyone faces obstacles in their life
and throughout their time of being.
My obstacles usually
entail a small step over something
or maybe just a slight change of direction.

Climbing a hill is what the lucky ones
get to do.
They may stumble a little
but in no way struggle tremendously.

When you see an ant next to their hill,
do you ever find yourself wondering how
they make it up to the top? Not to mention
everything that they have to carry up that hill.

Those ants are similar to the people who have
it the worst. They may have to climb a mountain
and still not have reached their destination.
These people who exert so much
to gain so little are to be admired.

But do they give up?
Some may, but many strong- willed continue on
to achieve and thrive and believe
that they too can succeed.

People always say life is unfair
but this seems extreme.
It does not seem like one person could
be at such a disadvantage.

But it happens, and because it does
we need to be thankful for
everything, big or small, because
many face obstacles that are much more.

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