Your Headed To Paradise

May 19, 2011
By AnaAlpha SILVER, Dunnellon, Florida
AnaAlpha SILVER, Dunnellon, Florida
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You’re headed to Paradise
Lost Soul, hidden in angel dust
I wish you didn’t have to leave but you must
I will miss you dearly but your headed some place great
I will be there soon to be able to meet my fate
You’re headed to Paradise where you will be free
While you’ve sat here on this earth and this is what you’ve wanted to be
Paradise is my dream for you to have come true
Trust me love, I’ll always remember you
I know it must be hard to leave us all
But between here and Paradise there is a wall
A wall that will be hard to break, hard to tear, hard to scratch
But when it is my time I’ll break the latch
Latch will set me free; Latch will bring me to you
You will be the first to know when I’ll be due
Due to Paradise where you are going
There in Paradise where the wind will be blowing
Just right, oh just so right
When I get there and see you I’ll be in flight
You’re headed to Paradise a place that you’ve been looking forward to go to
I promise love, Paradise is a place that is one hundred percent true
In body you’ll be leaving me and I will hate for that moment to see
But in heart and soul you will be looking over and sitting right beside me
For the last times I see you I will say goodbye
I say that because I don’t know when you’re wings will grow and you will fly
But I promise baby I will treat you right before you leave me
Because these last few times are the only times I will be able to see
Your beautiful shell hiding an even more beautiful soul inside
A soul that should never go to hide
That soul, the one that met mine and melted me
You were the one who could truly see
The one who saw my heart inside my shell and repaired it
My heart, open, broken and slit
Now fixed and beating because of you
Because of you my soul isn’t as blue
You may not think you did anything
But just by looking into my eyes you did everything
I may have not known you as long
But when I hear you coming over to me it sounds better than a song
The point to all of this
Is that if you leave I will be one who will miss
You’re headed to Paradise my love
I will miss you when you finally leave and go above
But Always Know No Matter What
I love you...

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for a friend of mine (animal) who is getting put down soon...

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AleRuizb said...
on Jun. 8 2011 at 9:03 pm

That is beyond beautiful i almost cried 

:) <3


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