May 9, 2011
Go ahead protect your weakling.
He's nothing but a bully and
that is all that you have become.
Thought you'd remember how it was
when you and I were so young.

When the only true enemy
you had, was an enemy of
us both. When we didn't have a
care but to hide from the evils
in the closets and the corners

As you sat and whispered to me
About your hopes, your loves, your dreams
I listened and I cared for you
I shielded you with all I had
You stayed close, right where you belong

Now you have grown distant, changed,
and I feel that I have done so too
You were my very first, best friend
And now, I don't think I know you,
who you are, not how you think

My brother, dear, you broke my heart
But I feel it is I who is
to blame. While I sat selfishly,
And watched you change to who you are
You waited for me to notice

I didn't, and I should have.
Brother dear, I have blocked you out,
and it really is me to blame
I love you, brother and hope to
Finally see if you're the same

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